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Handmade Beaded Watches by Sobriety Stones™

Beaded watches, ladies beaded wrist watches, Womens dress watch bands,  crystal beaded watch bands,  with sterling silver or gold accents.  Celebrate your 12 Step recovery program process!  

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Ladies Beaded Watches - Womens Gemstone Wrist Watches

I hope that each time you look at your new Sobriety Stones watch... you will remember where you have been, where you are going...and how far you have come.

Personalize your ladies custom watches or Womens beaded watch bands with gemstones, birthstones, crystals, charms, or sobriety anniversary stones.

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Tiger Eye and Black Onyx Beaded Watch


WTCH03  - Tiger Eye and Black Onyx Gemstone Beaded Watch

Tiger eye is very grounding and stable, and Black Onyx is protective of your emotions.


Large double drilled Tiger Eye cabochon beads and large faceted Black Onyx in a bold golden vermeil accented bracelet style wrist band that is approx 1 inch wide. 

This watch is absolutely gorgeous!  Striking, dynamic and eye-catching with its 14K gold filled accents including the toggle, and its gold watch face accentuated with  black etching.

Only 3 available!


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