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Cleansing your Crystals or Gemstones

Before you start to use your crystals you should cleanse them.

They have picked up other peoples energy in their travels, from the supplier, (and me), and the post office, etc.  You want them to hold only your own energy.  Therefore, here are several ways to  remove any negative energy or vibrations from others who may have handled them.  After you have cleansed your stones, don't let other people handle them, unless you are willing to cleanse them again right away. 

This is not a one time activity.  Since crystals hold your energies, and help in removing or changing energy, achieving balance, etc, you want to cleanse them routinely.  You don't want the stored negative energy they removed from you to remain in the crystals. 

Let me say this first.  I don't do anything to my crystals that I would not like you to do to me.  If you think that crystals are just lumps of minerals, and what you do to them doesn't matter, you are probably in the wrong place, lol.

Would you want to lie in the nice warm sun for a while?  Of course you would.  Would you  like to lay in  the full sunlight at the height of the day for 9 hours, or 2 days straight?  Would you like to be buried in salt?  How about a nice salted warm water bath to sooth your muscles?  Sounds better, right? 

Do you love the smell of burning incense?  Do you just love passing thru the scent on you way to do other tings?  I do.  I have incense burning several times a day. 

Do you like the woodsy smell of Hickory smoke?  Would you want to sit in a nice cool running stream?  Yes.  Would you like to stay there for 3 days?  Would you like to be left alone, buried in dirt for days on end?  Or would you prefer a nice, cleansing mud bath, and then rinsed with cool fresh water? 

Use these guidelines, and you will do just fine in cleaning your crystals.

The first two are my personal preferences.


Smudging: Hold your gemstone or crystal over  the smoke of incense for a few minutes to smudge the gem or crystal and clear the energy inside. Some people will only use White Sage Smudge, but I feel several are very good for cleaning, including, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, and Sage and Sweet grass.  We use Hand-crafted incense, usually with sage from a pagan shop near us.  It is particularly smoky, which is why we like it for cleansing.   This method is very quick, especially if you burn a lot of candles and incense as part of your daily routine, as we do.  I light incense on our little hall "alter" every night to cleanse and scent the air before bedtime.  Its a lovely routine, if you have not tried it.  While I am there, I can run several crystals thru the smoke, as it only takes about 20 or 30 seconds of smoke to cleanse.  On a side note, I keep all our incense and candles in a little hallway book shelf, and you can smell all the different fragrances upon entering our house.  Who needs spray?


Soaking: Soak your gemstone or crystal in sea salt dissolved in warm purified or spring water.   Don't use a metal bowl.   I leave mine in about 3 or 4 hours, and I do not do them all at once. ( I would miss them too much).  Rinse them in cool water when you are finished to remove any salt.  Do not re-use this salt water.  Those negative energies you wanted to rid from your crystals are now in the water.  Don't soak porous stones, like opal, lapis, coral.  It will harm the stone.  For those stones I would use a Sage smudge.


Running water:  Place your stones in a mesh bag, and immerse in a outdoors stream or river for a few hours.  This both cleanses AND re-energizes your stones.


Sunlight: Place your gemstone or crystal in warm sunlight for  4 hours.  


Moonlight: Place your gemstone or crystal in direct moonlight overnight. A nice size bedroom  window sill is perfect.  Don't choose one that gets the morning sun.


Burying: Wrap your gem or crystal in clean cloth and bury it in moist  ground in a special place.   I have a small garden right by my front door, and that is great for me, as I like it close to me.  I think the crystals like this method, its a lot like going back into the "womb" where they were born.  Leave up to 24 hours.


Place the crystal you want cleansed on a larger crystal cluster for several hours.  They like to visit with their friends. 






In each case, after cleansing, just rinse the gemstones in running water for a few minutes, and you are all set.  Only you can judge how often you need to cleanse your crystals, upon how often you use them, and what type of  use.  If you use them for healing, cleanse them before and after.  If you use them for balance and guidance, you can do it once a week, or once a month.



Shirley G.

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