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The Meaning of Gemstones

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I've written a few articles that I hope your find interesting.  I don't promote myself as any kind of an expert, and I can only offer you my own personal experiences. 

I hope they can be of some help to you in finding the path that is right for you.  So very many people have helped me along the way, I would like to continue that blessing by sharing what they have given to me with you. 

There are articles on the meanings of gemstones, and figuring which stones are right for you.  The meanings of colors, which ones you pick, and why. 

There are birthstone charts, astrological  charts for stones, and a huge list of  healing stones. There are articles on how to apply the principles of each stone to a 12 Step Program of Spiritual Recovery.

There are articles on how to use the stones to heal emotional wounds or damage from the past.  There are articles on how to attract the right energy for your future. 

Take a moment to read some of the information here.  There are articles on using the gems in your every day life to help you get to where you would like to go, and will give you an opportunity to really begin to understand the laws of the Universe and how you can tap into that source of Power by using the materials she herself has left here for you.

Click on the menu to your left to begin or continue on your own personal journey. 

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have a question.  I personally read every email that I receive.



Shirley Gordon



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About SobrietyStones

SobrietyStones  Crystal Healing Jewelry and Inspirational Jewelry Gifts.SobrietyStones Crystal Healing Jewelry was created to help celebrate YOUR life, from birthdays, to anniversaries, and things yet to come.

SobrietyStones was founded on a shoestring, and started out on nothing more than "a wing and a prayer". We believed we could make a difference, that jewelry could go beyond adornment to the physical embodiment of your heartfelt wishes.

Meaningful Jewelry you could wear, each and every day, to help your remember that you are on a wondrous JOURNEY.

We create Crystal Healing Jewelry and Inspirational Jewelry Gifts that lift you up, give you hope, and inspire you to be all that you can be! Every single piece combines the energy of the Universe (stones) and your intention for your life, (hope) to help you along your journey.


Jewelry With Meaning and Purpose

  • Ask yourself, "What do I want to attract more of into my life?"
  • Select the Intention Jewelry that matches your goals and intentions.
  • Wear your Crystal Healing Jewelry for 30 Days. (the time it takes to set a new habit).
  • Be surprised at the outcome!

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