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Guide to Healing with Gemstones and Crystals

The Meaning of OBSIDIAN

"Stone of Truth "

A good 4th Step and "Continued to take Inventory" Stone


Color: Usually black

Element: Fire


Obsidian is volcanic lava cooled quickly.  It is a natural glass.  A stone of protection, is was probably one the first stones to be used for arrowheads and knives.

A stone of Honesty, Sincerity and Truth, Obsidian will bring out the Warrior spirit in you.  It can help reach into your subconscious, reclaim yourself, and help you find or re-discover forgotten abilities within yourself.

Obsidians forceful dose of cutting reality can be softened if necessary for shy or timid people by combining it with aventurine, rose quartz, and Chrysocolla. 

The other alternative, is to use Snowflake Obsidian, which has many of the same properties, but a softer touch.

Green Obsidian is particularly useful to finding release from people who try to "hook you " or draw you into their personal crises, and redirects their pulling, draining energy to the unlimited field of White Light, giving them access to their own healing, without needing to draw energy from you. 

If you have a lot of people who constantly come to you for aid, wearing Green Obsidian will give you an immediate sense of lightness and freedom are it redirects these energies away from you.


Relieves pain, Circulation: its energies can help those hands & feet that seem to be constantly cold.


Entrepreneurs, Inventors,

Keywords: vigor, strength, stamina, constancy, steadfastness, permanence , tenacity, firmness, durability, courage, and self-control.



SobrietyStones: 12 Steps of - Addiction and Recovery

4th  Step Stone: Obsidian helps with the ability to see ourselves are we truly are, and then goes one step further, and give us insights into what would be necessary to bring about change.

This is an excellent stone for people seeking to "root out" their "defects of character" as mentioned in the 4th steps.

8th Step Stone: - Removing them. - Its also a very good stone for those of you who feel you have gotten "stuck" or are stagnant in your own personal growth. 

Obsidian is an "ego buster" - reveling the truth about ourselves in a none too gentle manner.  But sometimes, an illness can be treated with medication, and other times, surgery is required.  Obsidian cuts through all our defenses and exposes us naked to ourselves.

The good news, for those of you who though sobriety was getting dull, is that Obsidian will jolt you into reality!


Attuned to Root Chakra 

Astrological: Stone of Scorpio.