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Guide to Healing with Gemstones and Crystals

Meaning of Apatite

"Stone of Acceptance. "   (A Fourth Step Stone)
Overeaters Anonymous - Symbolic Stone

A green or blue green member of the Feldspar clan.

Electric blue, blue green, turquoise

Bright sea-green Apatite is regarded as a gem for collectors as well as for jewelry makers. Its name comes from the Greek word for "deceit" since it's so often mistaken for such stones as beryl, topaz and tourmaline. The green variety is sometimes called asparagus-stone.

Hardness:  3.5 - 4

Vibrates to the number 9

Astrological:  Gemini


Apatite has been associated with appetite suppression for centuries. I have chosen it for the Overeaters Anonymous symbol because of its association with weight, self-acceptance, balance, healing, and helping us to see the truth about ourselves. 

All of these qualities are associated with the 12 Step program and in support of the goals of people who are members of OE or ANY 12 Step program.

Wearing it contributes to an unconditional acceptance of circumstances and people.   Many believe it to be so potent that even a small piece worn continually has great power.

Apatite relates to service and the development of humanitarian pursuits. Is attuned to healing, communicating, balancing, and teaching.

Particularity useful in helping to discern the truth within - the truths about ourselves.

Apatite enhances creativity.  It awakens the finer, inner self. Also helps  in over activity, under activity, blockages, and congestions in any of the chakras. 


Suggestions -  Combine with:

Use Sterling Silver for its properties as a "Mirror of the Soul" to help us to see ourselves as we truly are.  If that scares you, then you do not know who you are!  You are NOT dark, guilty, unlovable, or unacceptable in any way.  You are a loving, spiritual being who is doing the best you are able to do today.  (But definitely add some ROSE QUARTZ and RHODONITE to your affirmation jewelry or bookmark.....)