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The Meaning of FLOURITE

"The Stone of Discernment"

A Sixth Step Stone

 Flourite 6th Chakra Stone

Size :
I think Fluorite is one of the best SPONSOR STONES!  (see below)

Too many colors to just pick one, sometimes a rainbow,White, yellow, blue, green, purple or a mixture of these colors.

  • Fluorite can help increase your concentration, and heighten your intuition.   It can help you maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions need to be made by reducing you emotional involvement in a situation.  Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.  Fluorite lets you take a step back and see better. 

  • It clears the fog of illusion and brings order to chaos thus  clearing the way for new things.    Perfect health and order on every level. Purification and harmony. 

  • Like Agate, and Carnelian, Fluorite strengthens users analytical abilities and ability to concentrate. Excellent for advancement of mind, greater concentration, meditation. Helps one to grasp higher, more abstract concepts. Terrific stone for College Students, and researchers who need to analyze data and reach conclusions.

  • This is also a "Group" or "Relationship" stone, helping to balance and stabilize group dynamics so that all may benefit.

  • Fluorite is particularly good for accessing the universal energies that activate all that is good for your body, and is able to assist you in reaching the ultimate state of physical perfection.

  •  Fluorite fosters objectivity, truth, intellect, consciousness, aura cleansing and protection, concentration, purification, harmony, and attracts wealth and abundance. Innovative and inventive, it is a highly effective “brain” stone, allowing you to use your creativity to build wealth. 

  • BLUE FLUORITE  - The Accountants and Analysts Stone - helps develop orderly, sequential thoughts and actions. Stimulates clear, concise communicative skills, brings peace, mental calmness and serenity.

  • PURPLE FLUORITE increases spiritual balance and mystic visions, and expressions of the spirit.

  • YELLOW FLUORITE enhances creativity and supports intellectual pursuits.  Particularly good at stabilizing group energy, uniting groups, removing negativity from the room, and helping all to work toward the common good. Yellow is the color of understanding.

  • WHITE FLUORITE represents merging of the individual with Universal Spirit.  It builds purity of spirit and helps to clarify those aspects of our spiritual nature that it is time to release and let go, as they no longer serve our higher good.


  • Colds. Headaches. Flu, staph, canker sores Herpes. Cancer. Ears. Nose & Throat Spleen bones, teeth, lungs, detoxification, anxiety, insomnia. Helps to heal viral infections, tumors, DNA


Disorganization, disruptive behavior, desperations, depressions, and anger


Real Estate, Stock Market, Investing, Banking, Researchers, College Students, School, Analysts, Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors,

Sobriety Stones: 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous - Addiction and Recovery

Fluorite is a good Sponsor's Stone:  I call it the B---  Sh   detector.

Helps you see the reality of any given situation.  Because of the combination of increased intuition, yet being able to remove your personal emotions from a situation in order to come to a decision, I  consider this a good "Sponsors' Stone". 

Sometimes, a newcomer is his own worst enemy.  Alcoholism is a disease of Denial.  Unfortunately,  the person we are deceiving the most is ourselves.  The best friend we can have at this time is someone who sees intuitively what is going on with us, and sees beyond the facade we sometimes wear to save face.  Someone who hears the silent cry for help beneath the bravado.

You know the one.  He walks over to you, and says Hello, how are you?  and you say, 'I'm FINE."  And he says "B--- Sh....", now tell me how  you REALLY feel......

8th Step Stone: For the same above reasons of being able to get past the emotion, analyze, and evaluate the circumstances without the associated guilt and fear.

Astrological Signs of Pisces and Capricorn

Vibrates to the number 6

Crystal Power - Healing Energy - Chakra Balancing Metaphysical & Spiritual Gemstone Meanings

Directory of 400 Crystal Healing Remedies

Using the healing power of gemstones to promote recovery from addictions, heal the spirit, promote good health, abundance, prosperity, and career success. Crystal/Gemstone Healing Directory Alphabetical Index of 400 Spiritual Healing Gemstones / Ancient Remedies.

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  • The inclusions within a crystal that some people find distasteful are gateways to the many distant realms of imagination for others. One must choose according to one’s proclivities as well as so called objective here to learn more: How to use Healing Crystals by Marcel Vogle


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