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Beaded Gemstone Necklaces

Healing can begin with a simple intention. The sincere desire to be all that you were meant to be.

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Celebrate your birthday or anniversary with a truly personal and meaningful gift. 

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Black Leather Serenity Prayer Necklace
One stone represents each of the 5 spiritual principles in the serenity prayer: Serenity - Acceptance - Change - Courage - Wisdom

for ANYONE, ANYWHERE who answers to a Higher Power...

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SSNEC32 - Serenity Prayer Necklace

Chrysocolla, Charoite, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and RUBY in Sterling Silver

(Read meanings of stones used in this necklace below)

What greater gift can we have than this?  When serenity lies within, peace lies without.  Not only for ourselves, but the quiet confidence that surrounds us when we know all is as it should be, touches all those in our circle, family and friends alike. 





NOT Available in GOLD or COPPER
.925 Sterling Silver   -   $89.95




Serenity Prayer Necklace

God grand me the Serenity...  - ROSE QUARTZ - Rose Quartz is the perfect teacher of self love. And with that love of self comes serenity and the peace that transcends all understanding . 

To accept the things ...Acceptance - CHRYSOCOLLA - With quiet dignity we acknowledge what is, and accept that all is as it should be in this moment.  That a power greater than ourselves is at work, which allows for a genuine understanding that we know not what path another should take to get where he needs to go. With this comes acceptance.  Chrysocolla, a sedimentary stone, formed by the slow, irresistible forces of its environment. Through calm acceptance of the winds, rains, heat and cold, Chrysocolla evolves from simple, elemental copper into a beautiful gemstone of brilliant and vibrant color . It teaches us that  acceptance  can produce great inner strength, helping to sustain one during stressful and or  long - enduring situations, and result in surprising beauty

I can not Change... For Women  - CHAROITE - began as simple Limestone in Russia. When the glaciers came through, the pressure and friction forced the Limestone to metamorphism into a beautifully complex mineral. Charoite teaches us that even though change is painful and can take many years to complete, the end result is a joy to behold.

I can not Change For Men -  Black Onyx - Change: Helps release old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us.

The courage to change the things I can.... for Women:-AquamarineAquamarine will give you courage to change, and to follow thru with your choices.  It will help you to stand up for your convictions.

The courage to change the things I can... for Men:- BLOODSTONE (jasper)  is a hero's stone.  It symbolizes our ability to go above and beyond what we once thought possible.  Like soldier and warriors of days gone by, we carry it into our daily battles as a symbol of strength and leadership.  Like all members of the Jasper gemstone family Bloodstone gives courage, courage to make choices, courage to be silent.  A power stone, protecting us from our own impulsive desires.

and the Wisdom to tell the difference - RUBY - has always been associated with wisdom and making wise choices, and has long been a favored gemstone of leaders. The wisdom of ruby allows us to stake a moment, stop and think about the consequences of our choices, for ourselves, for our loved ones.   Ruby heightens our love for life, giving us motivation and inspiration to choose wisely, and introduces joy into our world.

and the wisdom to tell the difference  -  Quartz - another excellent wisdom stone. Quartz is the "Mother Crystal", holding the Wisdom of the Ages .  Quartz Crystal enhances intuition and spiritual  awareness, helping us to remember that our choices do not only affect ourselves.  Self centeredness and wisdom cannot sit comfortably side by side. Quartz  Crystal balances and energizes the seven main Chakras, which helps make the body healthier. A healthy body thinks clearer and chooses wiser.

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All jewelry is handmade/handcrafted personally for you when you request it, using only the finest jewelry components of sterling silver, 14 kt gold filled wire, semi precious gem stones, genuine freshwater pearls, or Swarovski™ Austrian crystals. Each wire wrap style necklace is hand coiled and takes from 3 to 5 hours to complete.

SobrietyStones Spiritual Recovery :

Handmade Recovery Gift Jewelry and sobriety gifts. Custom made SobrietyStones recovery jewelry celebrates the miracle of your sobriety with personalized recovery jewelry. Swarovski crystals or gem stones are used to represent each of the 12 Steps of Recovery. Each crystal color or gemstone was chosen to represent one of the 12 steps of Alcoholic’s Anonymous based on ancient gemstone healing properties.

Each handmade beaded or wire wrapped gemstone jewelry item is handcrafted in my New Jersey, USA studio with genuine gemstone beads of the highest quality. The value in semiprecious jewelry is in the semi precious and precious stones and the precious metals used, and higher prices, of course, reflect higher quality stones. You may be able to find less expensive handcrafted beaded jewelry, but you will not find handcrafted jewelry with better quality materials, craftmanship or design.



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