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Handmade Beaded Crystal Healing Mens Chakra Necklaces

Mens Healing Intention Necklaces: Symbols that help focus your mind on what you want more of in your life. Its not magic. It's Universal Principle. What you give your attention to will always grow, and what you neglect or turn away from will always fade away.

SS NEC11 Mens Healing Energy Intention Necklaces7 Chakra Balancing Necklace

SS NEC11 - Mens Gold Healing Energy Chakra Necklace

(Read detailed gemstone meanings
for this chakra healing necklace below)

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RED - 1st Chakra: (Muladhara) Base - Root
  • Grounding and Survival - Base of the Spine
  • Element: Earth Physical identity: oriented to self-preservation
  • Aligned with the planets Pluto and Mars
  • Red is the color of physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire.  The Root Chakra is stable and grounding.

ORANGE - 2nd Chakra: (Svadhisthana) Lower abdomen to navel

    •  Sacral - Sexual
    • Element: Water, Emotional identity, oriented to self-gratification
    • Aligned with the planet Mars and the Sun
    • Orange is the color of creativity and sexuality.

YELLOW - 3rd Chakra: Navel - ( Manipura) - Solar Plexus Mid-section -

    • Below the ribs but above the navel .
    • Element: Fire, Ego identity, oriented to self-definition
      The color Yellow instills: Wisdom - Intellect - Enthusiasm - Joy - Optimism
    • Aligned with planet Mars and the Sun
    • Personal power and fulfillment, abundance, courage and self-confidence

GREEN - 4th Chakra: Heart  ( Anahata) Center of the chest

    • Stimulates healing resulting in greater self-love, and thus, love for others.  Particularly powerful when combined with Rose Quartz.
    • Element: Air, Social identity, oriented to self-acceptance
    • Aligned with the planet Venus and the Moon
    • Growth - Abundance - Prosperity - Hope

BLUE - 5th Chakra: Throat ( Vishuddha) - communication and self expression.

    • Stimulates ability to communicate one's deepest truths.
    • Element: Water  Sound, Creative identity, oriented to self-expression
    • Aligned with the planets Mercury and Neptune
    • Effects: Tranquility - Trust - Intuition

INDIGO - 6th Chakra: Brow or Third Eye  ( Ajna)  Center of Forehead  -

    • Higher intuition, Spirituality,  and psychic power.
    • Element: light - Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection
    • Aligned with planets Mercury and Neptune
    • A mix of blue and violet, it is the color of knowledge, dignity and Intuition

PURPLE - 7th Chakra: Crown  ( Sahasrara) Top of the head Spirituality

    • Strength - Passion - Meditation
    • Element:  Thought, Universal identity, oriented to self-knowledge
    • Aligned with the planets