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Attracting Love Gemstone Bangle Bracelets

  .925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Bracelet - 59.95

Size :

Confidence and Self Esteem Gemstone Bracelets

This bracelet is for women who work with numbers, details, charts and accounts, spread sheets, etc., who would like to advance in their career.

Garnet, Fluorite, Carnelian and Moss Agate, the stones of success for any woman who works, at home or outside the home.    

Moss Agate

  • Agates are considered Power Stones. The are very grounding, solid and stable. All Agates have excellent protective and healing energy, and stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. 

    If you have to deal with numbers, details (like shopping lists, appointments, balancing a checkbook, ) Excel spread sheets, charts and accounts, wearing Agate will help you be more precise. Also helps awaken (discover) your inherent natural talents.  Good stone for those in banking, or who are the treasurer of a club.


  • Like Agate, and Carnelian, Fluorite strengthens users analytical abilities and ability to concentrate. Excellent for advancement of mind, greater concentration, meditation. Helps one to grasp higher, more abstract concepts. Terrific stone for College Students, and researchers who have to analyze data and reach conclusions.


  • A stone of ambition and drive, Carnelian is a Power Stone!   Excellent career stone, it is very helpful in making choices and decisions.  Self Motivator.  Carnelian is the most powerful ACTION stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization.   Reminds one to be "in the moment". 

  • Like Moss Agate, Carnelian  stimulates analytical capabilities and precision.   Activates and energizes personal power, revealing or discovering hidden talents by stimulating your curiosity and inquisitiveness.   Long revered for its healing, spiritual and creative qualities. 


  • A stone of passionate devotion to guide you in success at whatever your goal or endeavor may be.  Whether your desire is to be a loving mother, or corporate executive, garnet can help you succeed. Garnet is more potent for women as a "achieve your goal"  stone.

  • Protects the user from all negative emotions. Wonderful protective energy over rage, resentment, bad tempers, and anger in self and from others.