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Support for Healing/Healthy Family and Relationships

14kt Gold Filled - 69.95

Also available in SILVER (click for details)

Size :

Sodalite, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, Aventurine, Malachite, and Tiger Eye  in .925 Sterling Silver or 14K. Rolled Gold with Vermeil spacers.

4 Different GREEN stones were chosen, (Green Aventurine, Green Peridot, Green Jade, and Green Malachite) because green is the color of the Heart Chakra, and is also the color of Healing and Hope.

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Sodalite: Good for healing partnerships and relationships, and helps bring an end to arguments or disagreements. Excellent stone to enhance all communication skills. Strengthens self confidence and  self esteem.

Aventurine: Activates and clears the Heart Chakra.  It is also considered an all purpose healing stone.  Another potent stone for relieving stress, anxiety, and emotional discomfort.   It helps us to see alternatives and potentials. 

Citrine:  Citrine is the best stone to use when trying to "Take care of Business" whether it be accomplish business matters, education, or settle family matters. Excellent stone for smoothing family or group problems, cutting to the quick of the situation and speeding up the healing process.

Peridot: It clears the path way to the heart and heals damaged egos. Peridot has been used as a Power Stone for centuries.  Peridot fosters emotional balance, and helps us heal from past emotional wounds.  Anger , jealousy, bitterness, and irritation are usually a result from wounded hearts ( and sometimes, a wounded EGO - see Snowflake Obsidian). 

Peridot helps us move past the hurt, and understand our relationships.  It adds intelligence to your romantic situations, giving you a bit of common sense in affairs of the heart, and protecting you from unnecessary heartache.

Lapis Lazuli: Energizes the Throat and Brow Chakras and helps to unify all chakras for the purpose of overall perfection within the heart, body, and spirit.  Helps bring up and release the burden of past emotional wounds that prevent us from experiencing joy.

Malachite: Excellent stone for identifying, recognizing and releasing negative experiences, especially one that you cannot recall.  This is particularly useful for people on a spiritual path, or in recovery, for releasing guilt.  It can be helpful in gaining insight into the cause of specific conditions, such as relationships, resentments, and anxiety so that you can release them.

Tiger Eye: Excellent grounding stone.  If you need to make some changes in your life, this is the stone for you.  Promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life; relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity. Helps not only to become aware of your own needs, but the needs of others as well.