Bracelets With Meaning: Using the Ancient Healing Power of Crystals to Enhance Your Experience in The World

Inspirational Crystal Healing Jewelry

An Intention is a desire. It's a heart felt wish. It is Hope. Sometimes, its a prayer.
Wear Damali Jewelry for the Soul Healing Intention bracelets to help keep your mind focused on where your heart longs to go.
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Gold Self Esteem and Self Confidence Healing Energy Intention Gemstone Bracelet


Gold Self Esteem and Self Confidence Healing Energy Intention Gemstone Bracelet

14k gold Filled  - 9.95

Size :

Gorgeous quality "Grade A" Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Blue Peruvian Opal, Pink Calcite, faceted Rose Quartz, faceted Moonstone,  Apatite, Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise, and luminous freshwater pearls.


 Self Confidence Inspirational Bracelet

Confidence in Yourself

Rose Quartz, stone of unconditional self-love, bringing confidence and inner peace.  Opens your heart to give and receive love. Begins its gentle healing by reducing fear and resentments from the past that may keeping you from all the love you deserve.

Pink Rhodonite, in addition to being a stone of unconditional love is a stone of self-confidence. Like Rose Quartz, this gemstone teaches the all important lesson of self love, trusting and putting value in your own opinions and instincts.

Moonstone helps soothe and balance emotions and enhances self-acceptance. It also assists in the master of your emotions by bringing them under control of your will, instead of repressing or expressing them. Moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess, and her strength lies in her gentleness.

Turquoise is a stone of self realization helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions.

Clear Quartz Crystal is known as the "stone of power", or Universal Healer. Enhances your personal power to take with you on your self enhancing journey, and is the the most powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone

Pearls can stimulate femininity and help with self acceptance. They are the symbol of Feminine Wisdom, and help you to become all that you can be.  Pearls symbolize the best within us.  Honesty, Purity , Wisdom and Integrity.


Damali Chakra Jewelry: Crystal and gemstone healing chakra jewelry created to balance the energy centers of the body. Chakra gemstones can help balance all 7 chakras, (the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown). Each of the 7 stones vibrates at a different number and aligns one of the chakras. When combined they become a overall balancing healing jewelry.
You do NOT need to perform any type of "ceremony" to activate your Chakra jewelry. Gemstones are ancient healers, born hundreds of thousands of years ago, and they have known their role since the beginning of time. Their vibrations are constant and natural. They will naturally and gently bring the chakras into balance using the power of crystals and the color of the stones.
Damali - Jewelry for the Soul was inspired by the ancient meanings of gemstones. We create meaningful adornments that promote balance, harmony, prosperity, and healing by using the ancient healing quality of gemstones and colors. Damali Jewelry contains a sort of "cypher", which is a secret or hidden gemstone message that attracts or creates the vibrations necessary to invoke the desired results. Damali healing gems are designed in the spirit of conscious living with the hope that Damali jewels will help people live together in a sprit of harmony, balance, love, and peace. We hope Damali jewels will engage, inspire, amuse, and comfort you, and help find your path to a life beyond your wildest dreams.
Damali jewelry is handcrafted one at a time in the USA by DaMaLi Healing Gems Jewelry (formally SobrietyStones Intention Jewelry and Crystal Healing Gifts) using reclaimed materials and recycled sterling silver, dipped 18k gold, and 14K Gold Filled elements.
Each item in the Damali "Healing Messages" collection comes in a gift box with a gift card for each piece.

Theme Bracelets are gemstone bracelets that have been created based on the ancient meanings of stones.

You might see the same stones used in different bracelets, and in that combination the stones could have a different meaning.


Peridot: Used in a Prosperity, Success and Abundance combination, the gemstone Peridot would have the meaning of attracting wealth.

However, when Peridot is used in the Healing the Heart, and the Healing the Family bracelets, it is used for its wonderful quality of evoking forgiveness to the heart of the one who carries it.

Some stones even work best when combined with "companion" stones.

Please take the time and read the qualities of the semi-precious stones used in the gemstone bracelet you are considering. Links to each gemstone are below this text on this page.

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