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Handmade spiritual, inspirational, sobriety and recovery jewelry gifts.

Using gemstone meanings from a 12 Step point of view we create unique symbolic recovery jewelry to celebrate your anniversary or birthday.

Our unique recovery gifts allow you to celebrate your recovery milestones with taste and style while maintaining your anonymity in public and in the work place.



Healing Heart, Mind, and Soul

AA Gemstone - Amethyst

The Sobriety Bracelet

NA - Black Onyx

The NA Recovery Stone


Amethyst and Black Onyx

The Big Book Bookmark


Amethyst & Black Onyx

Spirituality & Protection

Ala non Gemstone - Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love

Together they balance Heart, Mind, and Soul.

  Adding Clear Quartz  which holds the Wisdom of the Ages (an energizer and amplifier ) will enhance the effects of all crystals.


Addictions - Amethyst, Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Sugilite, Kunzite

Drunkenness - Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Black Onyx

Crystal Healing Directory

Directory of 400 Crystal Healing Remedies, using the healing power of gemstones to promote recovery from addictions, heal the spirit, promote good health, abundance, prosperity, and career success. 

Beginner's Guide

Learn more about the way Gemstones and Crystals work.

Recovery Jewelry  
Handmade recovery jewelry based on the ancient and traditional meanings of gemstones, BUT interpreted from a 12 Step point of view!  Recovery Jewelry in Sterling silver and Gold.   We provide recovery jewelry for 12 step programs. This clean and sober site presents jewelry designed to reflect recovery principles.

Meaning of Stones

Did you know the Bloodstone was the stone of courage or that Quartz Crystal amplifies the energy of all other gemstones?   Find out more HERE.

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Color Meaning

What do they mean?  What effects do they have on us?  What do they tell other people about us?  Find out HERE

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Which Gemstones are the most valuable?    Find out here.


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The Twelve Steps Of Alcoholics Anonymous




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Year Anniversary Stone Suggestions

SobrietyStones - 12 Step Recovery Gift Jewelry

Recovery Jewelry and Sobriety Gifts for AA and all twelve Step Programs concerned with addictions:


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