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 Recovery Jewelry Gifts by Sobriety Stones™ 

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   Recovery Jewelry and Sobriety Gifts by SobrietyStones

"Handmade jewelry symbolizing spiritual principles"

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Handmade beaded earrings personally handcrafted with fine jewelry materials and techniques, sterling silver, 14k rolled gold, freshwater pearls, semi precious gem stones, and Swarovski Austrian crystals.

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Tanzanite Gemstone and Pearl Earrings


SSEG-222 - Tanzanite Gemstone and Pearl Earrings

7th Chakra: Crown  ( Sahasrara) Top of the head


The 7th Chakra is known as the Crown Chakra bringing to us our universal connection - all is one.  A perfect balance of red and blue, instilling both strength and dignity. Violet is the color of Spirituality.  It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.  Enhances meditation.


2 1/2 inches



 Qty:    Select Earring Style:

Lever Backs           -   Add $10.00
Clip (Non-Pierced)  -  Add $10.00
Posts                      -  Add  $ 6.00
French Wires          -  Standard


Select  Silver or Gold:

  • .925 Sterling Silver or 14 karat Rolled Gold
  • French Wire Earrings (Posts and Lever Backs available )
  • Anti-tarnish strip included
  • Ear Posts, Non-Pierced Ear Clips, or Lever Backs are available at additional cost.
  • FREE Earring Keepers with every pair of French Ear Wires to prevent earring loss.

Since I create all the jewelry on this site in my New Jersey Artist studio, most earrings can be altered into other styles.  Examples are:  dangle earrings, shoulder duster earrings, long dangle earrings, and short beaded earrings,  adding swarovski crystals or freshwater pearls to suit your taste.

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SobrietyStones - Twelve 12 Step Recovery Gift Jewelry

Celebrate your Recovery with Jewelry and Sobriety Gifts for AA and all twelve Step Programs concerned with addiction and recovery.

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