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SobrietyStones healing crystal jewelry and Gemstone Healing Energy Gifts using the ancient healing qualities of gemstones in jewelry you can wear each and every day.Crystal Healing Chakra Jewelry: Ancient Wisdom Enhancing Life in Today's World

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Healing can begin with a simple intention. The sincere desire to be all that you were meant to be.


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SSERG02 - Peridot & Citrine Gemstone Earrings

Sterling Silver OR Gold Filled Wire - $29.95

Very nice Grade A Peridot and high quality faceted Citrine in 6mm. 

This petite pair of Abundance and Success earrings are hung from 14k Rolled Gold wire, and accented with touches of gold and vermeil.










Success and Prosperity Stones:

Garnet, Aventurine, Citrine and Peridot, the stones of success in all of your endeavors.   

Citrine is yellow, the color of logic and the intellect.  Citrine is a stone of energy, invigorating and joyful! 

This is a " stone of success"  in ALL walks of life, and should be a part of anyone's gemstone collection. Especially good  for anyone starting out on a new path, new job, or any new adventure. 

Peridot - Green is the color of Good Luck. Peridot will draw abundance to you.  It will also help you gain the wisdom and  understanding to handle your success wisely, without becoming greedy or selfish.  Being successful for a person on a spiritual path might have nothing to do with money, but about changing old behavior, or setting and achieving your goals. 

Aventurine - A stone of Chance, Luck, and Opportunity.  Sometimes, you just need to be in the right place, at the right time.

Garnet - A stone of business success, more potent for women




SobrietyStones Handcrafted Earrings handmade with genuine gemstones, sterling silver, 14kt GF, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski Austrian Crystals.

Each handcrafted wire wrapped gemstone bracelet is handmade in my New Jersey, USA studio with genuine gemstone beads of the highest quality.

The value in semiprecious jewelry is in the semi precious and precious stones and the precious metals used, and higher prices, of course, reflect higher quality stones. You may be able to find less expensive hand made jewelry, but you will not find handcrafted jewelry with better quality workmanship or attention to detail.