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H andmade spiritual Recovery Gift Jewelry and gifts that celebrate recovery from addiction.  We use the ancient  meanings of gemstones interpreted from a 12 Step point of view.


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Handmade Jewelry - Beaded - Wire Wrapped - Sterling Silver Semi Precious Gemstone Addiction and Recovery Gift Jewelry


Work and Career

  Azurite: harmonizes decision making by enabling one to be flexible and listen without giving up one's own position

Emerald: This stone can excite you to activity and then create intensity and focus in your actions.

Jade (gold): inspires and induces ambition toward accomplishment of objectives by attuning you to the needs of others - stimulates wisdom with confidence in problem assessment

Iolite: A stone for leadership and self-confidence.


Malachite: allows you to become grounded, balanced and very willing to communicate "who one is" and "where one is coming from" - promotes a willingness to relate to others

Ulexite: brings clarity - enhances your business creativity - stimulates you to rise to the challenge

African Jade Bring Luck and Wealth.
Alexandrite Gemstone for Luck.
Amazonite Bring Luck. Break an unlucky streak.
Green Aventurine Luck in Gambling.
Cats Eye Very lucky for gamblers.
Hemimorphite Bring Luck & Charm.
Jade Thought to bring luck & Prosperity.
Labradorite Used in luck charms.
Moldavite Moldavite is thought to bring luck.
Mother-of-Pearl Bring wealth.
Opal Thought to bring back luck if not October born.
Sunstone Luck and Optimism in love.
Tiger Eye Luck for gamblers.
Turquoise Considered Lucky by many cultures.








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Just a little Hello!

Most of my jewelry and gifts are a one-of-a-kind -  creative originals ! I mak e everything myself.

I hand-select my natural Gemstones, spending hours musing over beads and stones to find just the right combinations.   I think about the shapes, and the meanings of the colors and healing qualities of the stones.  I usually draw the design while I am thinking, its funny how the shapes seems to just come to me.    Next, I take   Sterling Silver or Gold Filled wire, and run it thru my fingers several times, to warm it and straighten it, and get the "feel" of it.   Kind of coaxing it to co-operate, you would be surprised how much "memory" a wire has, lol. 

Then I get my hand tools (I really don't like electrical tools at all, they have no "feel" to them.  Ok, they scare me....  I like hand tools).   I use a few pairs of small pliers.  You could carry everything I need to make jewelry in a picnic basket!

I twist and coil and roll the wire in a little spare bedroom where I have with a HUGE Bay window looking out over the woods, and the forms just start to take on a shape of their own.  Sometimes I work on the little patio in the back yard, sometimes on the porch facing the street.  Its nice that its so easy to take anywhere.

Everything you see in the photos, I did all by myself.  Well, not counting the energies and forces of the Universe that surround all these crystals and gems.

I mostly shape the wire with my hands.  I buy it very soft so that most times, I don't even need the pliers.  Each design comes out differently, because each stone is so unique.  The little rings I use to join my chain and earring, are made by wrapping wire around a small steel rod, and then cutting them one at a time off the coil, creating wire "rings".  I do not use glue or solder.

I like to make designs that let you feel the stones on your skin or in your hands as much as you can.  I think that's important.  I have a habit of "playing" with my jewelry when I wear it, because I really love the feel of gemstones.  I also find I remember more of what my stones mean when I handle them a lot.  It reminds me of what kind of life I am trying to lead, and to remember my affirmations for healing and that I am on a spiritual path to enlightenment.

I try to make lots of my jewelry like that, and with moving parts,  so that if you'd like to fiddle with it while you wear it, you can.

The photos shows the style of the  piece of jewelry you will get when you purchase here.  Every piece is a little bit different, since it is done by hand.  Every piece is brand new, and has never been worn by anyone else.

God Bless,



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