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Healing Crystal Combinations

Crystal Power - Healing Energy - Chakra Balancing - Gemstone Meanings




Healing Crystal Combinations You Can Request for Custom Jewelry:


    1. Success-Prosperity

    2. Confidence-Self Esteem

    3. Anxiety-Stress

    4. Harmony-Balance-Serenity

    5. Change - Growth

    6. Spiritual Awakening

    7. Surrender-Acceptance

    8. Creativity

    9. Energy-Stamina

    10. Fellowship-Groups

    11. Guilt-Anger

    12. Intellect: Logic-Reasoning

    13. The Promises

    14. Love-Passion

    15. Nature - Gardening

    16. Integrity: Truth-Justice

    17. Work-Career

    18. Love-Passion

    19. Prayer - Meditation

    20. Zodiac

    21. Protection - Negativity

    22. Communication

    23. Forgiveness - Understanding

    24. Fearless & Searching


About Crystal Healing and Intentional Jewelry

An Intention is a determined goal, a purpose, or a desire (aim).

Through the power of intention, (which is a deeply help desire) and the energetic vibrational properties of crystals,(gemstones) you can achieve powerful shifts in the energy fields within your heart, mind, body, and soul. 

Crystal healing uses the subtle vibrational energy given off by crystals to treat imbalances of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Your body, and crystals have unique and yet similar vibrational energy. When you bring crystlas close to your body, your body tries to match, or imitate, the same vibration found in the crystal. In this way, crystals can "tune" up your vibrations, creating a perfect balance of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical energy. Bringing your body back into balace, it now has the resources to fight imbalances, wether they are physical, like a cold or allergy, mental, like stress or anxiety, or emotional, like a broken heart or greif over the loss of a loved one.. 

It isnt magic. The crystal itself does not have some kind of mysterious healing power hidden inside itself. It is your INTENTON to heal. By bringing crystals with the proper vibrations into your own field of energy, you "tune" your body into the proper vibration, beinging it into perfect harmony, adjusting the balance of energy, that you need to bring about the healing.