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Crystal Healing Intention Bracelets

Healing can begin with a simple intention. The sincere desire to be all that you were meant to be.




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Intention Jewelry

An Intention is a desire. It's a heart felt wish. Sometimes, its a prayer.
Wear Intention bracelets to help keep your mind focused on where your heart longs to be.

Intention Bracelet 1:Self Esteem Intention Bracelet

Self Confidence Builder

Intention Bracelet 2:

Anxiety and Stress Intention Bracelet

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Intention Bracelet 3:

Abundance Prosperity Intention Bracelet

Attract Abundance & Prosperity

Intention Bracelet 4:

Heart Mind and Soul Intention Bracelet

Healing Heart, Mind, & Soul

Intention Bracelet 5:

Metabolism & Self Image ntention Bracelet

Metabolisim Regulator

Intention Bracelet 6:

Healing the Heart ntention Bracelet

Healing the Heart

Intention Bracelet 7:Womens's Career Success ntention Bracelet

Womens Career Success

Intention Bracelet 9:Fertility ntention Bracelet

Reiki Fertility Bracelet

Intention Bracelet 10:

Spiritual Journey ntention Bracelet

A Spiritual Journey

Intention Bracelet 11:Finding a Soul Mate ntention Bracelet

Attraction Bracelet

Intention Bracelet 12:

Wisdom to Know the Difference

Desiring Wisdom Bangle

Intention Bracelet 13:Abundance Bangle ntention Bracelet

Abundance Bangle

Intention Bracelet 14:Attracting Love ntention Bracelet

Attracting Love

Intention Bracelet 16:Simiple Abundance ntention Bracelet

Simple Abundance

Intention Bracelet 17:Self Esteem and Metabolism Bracelet

Self Esteem and Metabolism

Intention Bracelet 18:Reiki Fertility Bracelet

Reiki Fertility Bracelet

Intention Bracelet 20:Gold Filled Serenity Prayer Bracelet

Serenity Prayer Bracelet


Intention Bracelet 21:

I will be Fearless Bracelet

I will be Fearless



Personal Power ntention Bracelet

Personal Power & Protection

Transformation Bracelet



Forgiveness Bracelet


Intentional Jewelry for Balance, Harmony, and Purposeful Living

The main purpose behind intention jewelry (jewelry with meaning and purpose) lies in the fact that you wear it!  Each time you look into the jewelry box, decide what to wear, put your jewelry on,  see it reflected in the mirror, you reflect also on its purpose.  It is once again brought to your conscious mind.

You take it off, set it on your nightstand, etc, and each time thru this process, your INTENTION is re-enforced in your mind and your spirit.  The very process of wearing it keeps your intentions in focus, in you conscious thought. 

It is a Universal Law that you attract that which you focus on. It isn't "magic", its just the power of the Universe to create that which you most desire.  And the which you most desire is kept in the forefront of your mind when you WEAR your intentions.

Damali Jewelry for the Soul is a conscious lifestyle brand, providing ancient tools of empowerment, inspiration and hope that can be worn in the every day world. Damali seeks to educate and reconnect the world to the ancient wisdom, healing properties, and energy of crystals. Each piece of jewelry combines energy and intention, helping you to focus on that which you desire most in your life.  Damali Intention Jewelry crosses the bridge and transforms the energy of materialistic simple adornment jewelry into a wearable healing, balancing, meaningful  piece of art for today's lifestyle.

Note: You might see the same stones used in different bracelets, and in that combination the stones could have a different meaning.


Peridot: Used in a Prosperity, Success and Abundance combination, the gemstone Peridot would have the meaning of attracting wealth.

However, when Peridot is used in the Healing the Heart, and the Healing the Family bracelets, it is used for its wonderful quality of evoking forgiveness in the heart of the one who carries it.

Some stones even work best when combined with "companion" stones.

Please take the time and read the qualities of the semi-precious stones used in the gemstone bracelet you are considering. Links to each gemstone are below this text on this page.