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Hematite Magnetic Bracelet/Necklace



Genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystal Hematite Necklace


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SSNEC9C1 - Light and Dark Amethyst Birthstone Bracelet with Silver Pearls (no polishing!)

Click below to view this Magnetic Hematite Bracelet Wrap Around:

  1. As a Crystal and Pearl Bracelet
  2. as a Choker Necklace
  3. Show 6 ways to wear this Hematite Necklace/Bracelet
  • If you wear a 16 inch necklace, order 20 inches OR a size 36 to wear as a lariat, lasso or Y necklace.
  • If you wear a 18 inch necklace order 22 inches OR 36 to wear as a lariat, lasso or Y necklace

  • If you wear a 20 inch necklace, order  24 inches OR 36 to wear as a lariat, Y, or lasso necklace.

  • Size 14 can not be worn as a necklace, but as a bracelet or anklet.

  Large      36 Inches     $69.95
  Medium   24 Inches     $59.95
  Small      14 Inches      $49.95

The secret of this versatile piece of jewelry is the MAGNETIC HEMATITE

It's the magic that allows you to wear this jewelry in as many ways as you can imagine.  Wear it as a lariat, a "Y" necklace, a choker, a double strand necklace, a bracelet, an anklet or a belly chain.

Can be made as a "Mothers Bracelet" with the swarovski crystal birthstone of up to 5 children. 

Available in ANY birthstone combination of  Swarovski Austrian crystal colors!

( see chart )

  • 172 genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals  (36 in)
  • .925 Sterling silver
  • 36 Genuine healing hematite faceted beads
  • magnetic
  • Versatile
  • Available in different lengths.
  • Wear it as
    • a lariat,
    • a "Y" necklace,
    • a choker,
    • a double strand necklace,
    • a bracelet,
    • an anklet
    • a belly chain.


Hematite - The Stone of the Mind

Color : Silvery Grey to Black


Hematite helps one sort out things in ones own mind, and can be useful for a mental "tune up".   It helps memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge.  Good stone for IT personnel.

A calming stone, but also offers support for your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires, by encouraging you to "reach for the sun".  Hematite reminds you that the only limitations that exist are those that you place upon yourself.

It helps to balance out the emotions and energies between the body, mind and spirit. Not only does it dissolve negativity, but actually transforms it into the energy of Universal Love.

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