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SobrietyStones healing crystal jewelry and Inspirational Jewelry Gifts.Crystal Healing Chakra Jewelry: Ancient Wisdom Enhancing Life in Today's World

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Healing can begin with a simple intention. The sincere desire to be all that you were meant to be.

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Sage Green Pearl BraceletSelf-Confidence - Self Esteem

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SSBRAC07 - Sage Green & Rock Quartz Crystal
Universal Healing Gemstone Bracelet

Georgous genuine Rock Quartz Crystal center stone in this classic looking Chakra Balancing Bracelet.
Green is color of the HEART Chakra.

Sterling Silver - $59.95
Gold Vermeil - $69.95

(Read meanings of stones used in this bracelet below)







Spiritual, Inspirational Recovery Bracelet

Rock Quartz Crystal: Known as the "stone of power", crystal is here to enhance your personal power to take with you on your self enhancing journey.  Rock Quartz is the most powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone.

Quartz Crystal brings with it wisdom, and the ability to make right choices for ourselves, without sacrificing the happiness of others. The Universe has the resources of the entire Universe at its disposal. It can figure out how to make you happy without sacrifiing the happiness of anyone else. 

SobrietyStones Healing Crystal Jewelry



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