The Sobriety Bookmark

Amethyst  -  Onyx  - Bali and Sterling Silver

This Handmade gemstone beaded bookmark / book thong was created with natural untreated Amethyst gemstone barrels,  Black Onyx trilliants, Handmade Bali silver beads from Indonesia, and solid Sterling Silver. 

Using a centuries old wire wrapping jewelry technique, it is finished with sterling silver and black silk cord. A black onyx heart drop completes this jewelry quality keepsake . 

Amethyst:  The Stone of Sobriety and Spirituality
  • It has, since historic times, been used to encourage and support sobriety.

  • Assists in the assimilation of new ideas.

  • Amethyst is a crystal of protection, because it repels more than it attracts.

  • Stabilizes and transmutes dysfunctional energy.

  • Also known as a stone of meditation and transformation.

ONYX:  "The Stone of Self Mastery and Control"
  • Excellent stone for initiating the process of centering and alignment of the total person with a Higher Power. It helps us to absorb whatever energy we need from the Universe.

  • Enhances s elf mastery, stamina, steadfastness, and determination, setting ones mind to a task, and making one a Master of one's own Fate.

  • Although we are powerless over alcohol, we are not powerless to make a decision to not take that first drink.  Onyx reminds us to that we are responsible for our choices, amplifies and supports personal control.

SILVER : Mirror of the Soul

  • Used to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer.

  • Helps to smooth over the rough spots in your personality that might at times be considered "abrasive". (Who - me? )

  • Helps us to see ourselves as other see us, which leads us to positive changes. (and much humbling)

Personalized bookmarks  are a thoughtful gift for people who keep a journal or diary, or use spiritual or inspirational books for prayer or meditation.