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Handmade Beaded Bookmarks Book Thongs

Sobriety Stones Inspirational Recovery Jewelry
 "Handmade jewelry symbolizing spiritual principles".

Handmade custom beaded bookmarks and book thongs, personalized bookmarks for every occasion and celebration.  Just ask us to create a custom made handcrafted beaded bookmark or book thong for your theme in silver and gold wire, beaded with gemstones and semi precious stones.

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"The Big Book" Amethyst Sobriety Bookmark
makes a very thoughtful one year anniversary recovery gift!

SSBMK01 - Sobriety Bookmark


Black Onyx, Amethyst, and .925 Sterling Silver.


This bookmark is crafted as fine jewelry, and uses the equivalent number of gemstones and silver that you would find in a fine jewelry bracelet.  Very Elegant.

The Sobriety Bookmark

Amethyst -  Onyx - Bali and Sterling Silver
Amethyst:  The Stone of Sobriety and Spirituality

It has, since historic times, been used to encourage and support sobriety.

Assists in the assimilation of new ideas.

Amethyst is a crystal of protection, because it repels more than it attracts.

Stabilizes and transmutes dysfunctional energy.

Also known as a stone of meditation and transformation.

The Sobriety Bookmark


Silver  $39.95

Gold:  $48.00

Keepsake Card Included with Purchase.
ONYX:  "The Stone of Self Mastery and Control"
  • Excellent stone for initiating the process of centering and alignment of the total person with a Higher Power. It helps us to absorb whatever energy we need from the Universe.

  • Enhances s elf mastery, stamina, steadfastness, and determination, setting ones mind to a task, and making one a Master of one's own Fate.

  • Although we are powerless over alcohol, we are not powerless to make a decision to not take that first drink.  Onyx reminds us to that we are responsible for our choices, amplifies and supports personal control.

Silver: Mirror of the Soul
  • Used to bring patience and perseverance to the wearer.

  • Helps to smooth over the rough spots in your personality that might at times be considered "abrasive".

  • Helps us to see ourselves as other see us, which leads us to positive changes.


This Handmade gemstone beaded bookmark / book thong was created with natural untreated Amethyst gemstone barrels,  Black Onyx brilliants, Handmade Bali silver beads from Indonesia, and solid Sterling Silver. 

Using a centuries old wire wrapping jewelry technique, it is finished with sterling silver and black silk cord. A black onyx heart drop completes this jewelry quality keepsake. 

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