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SobrietyStones Handmade 12 Step Spiritual Gifts and Inspirational Jewelry Store. Twelve Steps toward Recovery - Twelve Beads to celebrate your journey.Spiritual Jewelry & Inspirational Gift Store

Beaded Anklets-Ankle Bracelets

12 Steps towards Spiritual Recovery - Twelve Beads celebrate your Journey

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January Birthstone Beaded  Anklets

October - Rose (Pink Opal)

SS-GFANK10- Birthstone - Anniversary Beaded Anklet

Gold Filled Ankle Bracelets with your Swarovski Crystal Birthstone or Anniversary Month

Sapphire Birthstone - 100% genuine Swarovski™ Austrian crystal ankle bracelets with .925 Sterling Silver or 14k gold filled accents, one inch chain extension for wear above or below the ankle bone for year round wear, and easy no-fuss sterling lobster clasp closure with alluring crystal dangle.

ALL Anklets are Adjustable!

Sizes:   X-Small 7 1/2 - Small 8 1/2 - Medium 9 1/2 -
Large 10 1/2 - Plus Size 11 1/2

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