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Handmade Gemstone Beaded Bracelets

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Spiritual & Inspirational Recovery Jewelry

Handmade Recovery Gift Jewelry and sobriety gifts. All jewelry can be custom designed for you in any gemstone to support members of
N. A. , A. C. O. A. , G. A. , O. A. , E. A. , Alanon.

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Handmade copper jewelry, copper bracelets, copper necklaces and copper anklets have been created and recommended as an aid and relief for arthritis and rheumatism for centuries.


For Men or Women - Flexible Pure Copper Handmade Chain More comfortable than a cuff.


Silver  $29.95

Gold:  $49.95


For Hundreds of years, people have worn copper bracelets and other copper jewelry, (anklets, rings, necklaces)  to help relieve joint pain caused from tendonitis and arthritis. This practice has persisted in hundreds of communities for centuries, in totally unrelated countries. 

Is there some truth in the healing properties of copper and its association to joint pain?

Copper Bracelets work for both my boyfriend and I, who has had both hips replaced by the age of 50. Thousands of people wear copper bracelets in the world today to help alleviate joint pain. Try it for yourself and experience the healing power of Copper. 

My copper bracelets are made from pure copper, untreated and uncoated, so that the solid copper touches your skin.  All the copper bracelets have been Handmade by me, and there are a wide variety of and cuff designs to choose from.  They have a nice weight and feel to it, and unique Handmade clasp that is very secure. 


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Friday, June 27, 2008


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Healing Directory Selecting Stones | Meanings of Stones  



This page last updated: Friday, June 27, 2008


SobrietyStones - Handmade Spiritual Recovery Jewelry 

Recovery Jewelry and Sobriety Gifts for all AA and all 12 Step Programs concerned with addiction:

A.A. (), N.A. (narcotics anonymous), Adult child, Ala non, E.A. (emotions anonymous), O.A. (overeaters anonymous), G.A. (gamblers anonymous) Sexaholics, love and all other addicts and obsessions. 

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