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Stones for Finding Love

With love, devotion, commitment, and forgiveness, your relationships can become healthy and whole.  Many of us  have never  had a healthy relationship.   If that is your situation, take heart. Your relationship could turn out to be beyond your wildest dreams.

Attracting a Soul mate:

The desire for a special person for companionship, to become a special mate is Universal, natural and normal.  Anyone who tells you that it is "needy" needs to heal some issues of their own of trust, control, and probably a lot of hurt.


Rose Quartz: Opens the Heart Chakra:

Unconditional Love - This is a stone of warmth and love, as it heals emotional wounds and pain with it's gentle calming salve. Opens the heart to the beauty within and all around us, and will begin its healing by reducing resentments, bringing forgiveness and self acceptance.  Emanates unconditional love and nurturance and helps us attract positive, gentle, non-judgmental love into our lives. Ah.  Wouldn't that be a refreshing change? NEC22, NEC11, NEC10

Kunzite: Opens the Heart Chakra:

Activates the Heart Chakra, purifies it, and instills peace.  It removes past emotional debris left over from old relationships, making room in your heart for new love.

Malachite  -

Helps balance true love, romance, with one's own personal well-being. It can help to counteract self-destructive romantic patterns, (co-dependant tendencies),  and help true love develop to its highest form, rising about the petty distractions to remember love's true purpose, which is to heal our wounded hearts.


Activates, clears, and protects the heart, enhancing the ability to attract love.  A wonderful stone for mature love

Pink Rhodonite:

 In addition to being a stone of Unconditional love this is a stone of self-confidence. Like Rose Quartz, this gemstone teaches of self love and trusting your own instincts. In relationships, it encourages a spirit of generosity, and brotherhood.

Garnet - Rekindling Passion and Eroticism:

Love and Devotion - A passionate gemstone that inspires love and mutual attraction. Enhances libido (physical desire) as well as balances the wearer's sexual energy (emotional drive).  Also a stone for those devoted to a plan, a goal, or have made a commitment to follow a spiritual path.

Orange Carnelian: Rekindling Passion and Eroticism:


Quartz Crystal -

The most powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone.  This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations, and is a wonderful stone to combine with Garnet in your desire for a restored love relationship.  It amplifies the other stones qualities, and instills enhanced emotional energy.


Fosters romance , marriage, integrity, devotion and passion.  Its positive energy reinforces love, and increasing passion and virility.


They symbolize and bring out the best within us.  Honesty, Purity , Wisdom and Integrity.  They remind us to walk with Dignity.

Golden Jade -

Harmony - Attempts to balance and bring harmony to dysfunctional relationships.  Rather, I should say, tries to heal the dysfunction.  Helps to take the mystery out of the relationship and help you really understand what's going on between you.  Ending relationships is not what sobriety is about.  Healing relationships is the goal.   That is one of the purposes of the eighth step, and your partner is included in that process.

Barite -

Wide color range. Is linked with platonic love, friendship, loyalty, love and relationships. This is a stone of helps your talk to each other and become more emotionally intimate.   Getting naked with someone is the easy part. But revealing your naked self to another human being...that is a different story....  and where this stone can help.

Healing the Heart:

Lavender or Pink Jade - Light Jadeite -

The pink and lavender are as effective as Rose Quartz in opening your heart and allowing you to express unconditional love. It is also a "wounded heart" healer, healing past emotional wounds and getting you ready for true love.  Quartz vibrates at a higher level, and may be too "open" and distracting for newly recovering people.  Shy, timid, or fearful people may require the gentler awakening vibrations of jadeite.

Black Obsidian  -

To stabilize and ground love in reality.  It is also a stone of protection, repelling negativity, and acts as a shield to guard the heart against those of less than honorable intentions.

IN addition, it clears the heart of old love, past involvements and regrets, cleansing the heart of outgrown ties and painful memories.


Agates heal resentments and bitterness left behind from past relationships.  Anger and resentment keeps you angry, steals your ability to trust,  and makes you wary of new relationships.

Other Love and Devotion Stones:

Amethyst - Moonstone - Selenite - Emerald -  Rhodochrosite - Amber - Sardonyx - Red Coral - Sunstone -  Almandine










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