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Healing can begin with a simple intention. The sincere desire to be all that you were meant to be.




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B120004- Amethyst Recovery Beaded Bracelets


Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet made with very good quality GRADE AA Amethyst beads and .925 sterling silver "SS" Links for "Sorbiety" or "Serenity" or "Spirituality" . 
A discrete 12 Step Bracelet you can wear anywhere!

Copper - $69.95
Sterling Silver - $69.95
Gold Filled - $89.95







SobrietyStones - Twelve steps towards Recovery, 12 Beads to symbolize each step.

Amethyst:  - is the First Step stone because it symbolizes Sobriety and Abstinence from any substance.

This Amethyst Sobriety Bracelet was designed using Amethyst because the ancient meaning of Amethyst has been to guard against drunkenness and to be helpful in overcoming addiction. The white pearls signify purity, honesty, and wisdom, and the silver represents the "mirror of the soul" and a time to look at yourself.

This Amethyst Recovery Bracelet is handmade with 6 mm genuine Amethyst gemstone beads and beautiful handmade sterling silver "SS" links which represent Sobriety and Spirituality.

For an additional $7.00, a personalized recovery date or your anniversary date (m/d/yy or mm/dd/yy) can be stamped on a small oval tag in sterling silver and hung from the clasp for a special, personalized AA birthday anniversary recovery bracelet.

You may request either a lobster clasp or a round toggle clasp for your AA spiritual recovery bracelet.

Wearing tokens, reminders, and inspirational gifts to encourage and aid your journey, and remind you of the path you are on is a long standing tradition, in the same way someone might wear a cross, or the Star of David, or a Crucifix as a reminder of the path YOU have chosen. It will make a great sponsor, sponsee, or fellowship AA anniversary birthday bracelet, NA bracelet when made in Black Onyx, or Alanon anniversary bracelet gift if made in Rose Quartz.

This anniversary birthday recovery bracelet has no markings in keeping with the tradition of Anonymity, so you can wear this handmade amethyst spiritual recovery bracelet anywhere!

Matching earring for this spiritual recovery bracelet are available.



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