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Handmade Energy Healing Stones Bracelets in 14KT Gold Filled

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An Intention is a desire. It's a heart felt wish. It is Hope. Sometimes, its a prayer. Wear Damali Jewelry for the Soul Healing Intention bracelets keep your mind focused on where your heart longs to go.

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Handmade Gemstone Crystal Healing Jewelry using the ancient wisdom of crystals to make helpful, meaningful jewelry with intent and purpose.


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Weight Loss and Self Image

Unconditional Love, Self Esteem, and Metabolism Balancing Bracelet

Gold Filled - 69.95

Also available in SILVER (click for details)

Size :

Chakra Balancing Bracelet in Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold Filled.

Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Apatite Gemstone Beaded Bracelet