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"Whispers" Sterling Silver Beaded Anklets and Anklet Bracelets


Handmade Gemstone and healing crystal jewelry using the ancient wisdom of crystals to make helpful, meaningful jewelry with intent and purpose.



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 Beaded Anklets / Ankle Bracelets

Spiritual & Inspirational Recovery Gift Jewelry

Celebrate your birthday with swarovski crystal beaded birthstone anklets. SobrietyStones Anniversary - Birthstone jewelry is discreet  "go anywhere jewelry" that allows you to celebrate your achievement  and yet reminds YOU of how far you have come! 

You have the option of adding a prayer box charm with a tiny scroll of the Serenity Prayer inside!


Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Beaded Anklets


SSANK15 -  Garnet - January Birthstone - Swarovski Crystal Beaded Anklets

100% genuine Swarovski™ Austrian crystal ankle bracelets with .925 Sterling Silver accents, a one inch chain extension for wear above or below the ankle bone for year round wear, and easy no-fuss sterling lobster clasp closure with alluring crystal and pearl dangle.

Sterling Silver   $49.95

14K Gold Filled  $59.95

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14k Gold Filled -  $59.95
Sterling Silver  -  $49.95
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Handmade healing crystal jewelry based on the ancient and traditional meanings of gemstones. Inspirational Jewelry in Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Filled.

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Did you know the Bloodstone was the stone of courage or that Quartz Crystal amplifies the energy of all other gemstones? Find out more HERE.




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